Hassium Asset Management is an independent global wealth manager based in the United Kingdom. Hassium provides a personal investment management platform for a select group of private families across the UK and Europe. Hassium’s primary goal is to work with clients to preserve and grow their wealth; offering a meticulous, thoughtful, flexible and proactive service over the long term.

At Hassium our focus is on absolute returns. We aim to give our clients the best possible performance whilst maintaining a suitable level of risk. Each investment portfolio is created and customised to the individual needs of the client.

  • Partnership and education

    Our goal is to work in partnership with our clients over the long term. Where required, we also take time to educate our clients on financial markets, investment products and risk management.

  • Institutional pricing

    Clients have full transparency and receive regular breakdowns of all transactions and portfolio valuations. They also benefit from institutional transaction costs and custodian fees with no additional commissions or mark ups. Any rebates and retrocessions received by us are returned directly back to clients. We categorically do not create or market products that generate revenues for Hassium at the expense of the client.

  • Independence

    We put the interests of our clients first at all times and remain totally independent and impartial with no ties to any single financial institution. We have no in-house investment products and we do not hold client money. 

  • Security

    We do not hold any client funds; all assets are held by an independent third party global custodian bank of the client’s choosing.

  • Monthly reports & research articles

    Our independent monthly strategic reports give unique in depth analysis and insight on market trends and investment strategy

  • Broadcasts

    Key industry broadcasting companies use Hassium because of our status as an independent and transparent wealth management expert

  • Opinion

    Hassium regularly contributes to financial newspapers and magazines often providing expert analysis and opinions

the latest market commentaries and insight taken from expert opinion worldwide