Investment Approach

Building relationships with clients who seek private wealth management

At the beginning of every relationship we ensure we fully understand both the return requirements and risk tolerances of each individual client. We look to work in partnership alongside beneficiaries, the client and their respective advisors. At Hassium we appreciate that each client’s level of financial market understanding and interpretation of risk is different. Education is imperative and we believe it is important that clients fully understand the risk contained in their portfolio. Each investment portfolio is created and customised to the needs of the individual client. No two investment portfolios are the same.

We are committed to providing a rigorous and disciplined investment approach, predominantly focused on wealth preservation, strategic asset allocation and risk management. We focus on the long-term needs of our clients, and unlike many other institutions, we do not create and market products that generate revenues for Hassium at the expense of the client.

By not being tied to a single investment house’s views or products, Hassium is able to offer completely independent and impartial advice. With our extensive network of contacts, we have access to a wide range of leading market opinions and information and can customise it to suit the client’s needs. Clients can be assured that with complete transparency, and no additional commissions or mark-ups, turnover is limited to effective transactions and all asset classes are thoughtfully selected.

We provide a highly individual service to each of our clients, from bespoke investment advice to impromptu time-sensitive market guidance. Our account reporting is tailored to suit the needs of each individual client. We are able to work with any third party custodian bank, and can report on all types of assets held in any location, including directly held business investments and direct real estate holdings. We also offer investment audit services and advice for trustees and lawyers. Our small dedicated team provides a thoughtful, accessible level of service rarely experienced at any of the major financial institutions.