Investment Management

Expert private wealth management

At Hassium our focus is on absolute returns. Portfolios typically have no more than 30 positions. Approximately 80% of a portfolio can be liquidated within three working days. Hassium’s investment approach is top down with a focus on strategic asset allocation and currency allocation rather than individual stock selection. We have a number of bespoke investment mandates although they can broadly be split into the following four categories:

  • Wealth Preservation - typically the benchmark is inflation or LIBOR.
  • Balanced - typically the benchmark is inflation or LIBOR +2.0% or 3.0%.
  • Enhanced - typically this is benchmarked against a specified underlying equity index.
  • Advisory - anything from idea generation, trade implementation/ execution to strategic asset allocation.

From an investment perspective our primary focus is on wealth preservation, but we provide investment management services across the whole risk spectrum. When constructing a portfolio, investments are selected on the basis of liquidity, cost and transparency.

Currency hedging and cash management can greatly impact net returns and we recommend that our clients have 80% of their portfolio hedged back to their base currency. For fixed income we prefer individual bonds rather than bond funds in order to control the duration, credit quality and holdings in the portfolio. We prefer to hold short dated government, supranational and investment grade blue chip corporate bonds. With equities and commodities we are mindful of net returns and primarily invest in passive exchange traded funds (ETFs) as they offer risk diversification and minimise costs. Finally, we also have access to best of breed Hedge Funds. All position sizes are rigorously controlled and adhered to with strict limits in place.

When providing Investment Management services we work with several independent third party banks for custody and execution services. For execution we can use Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs and Pictet. For custody our clients use Credit Suisse and Pictet (Luxembourg).   We are also able to work with any client appointed custodian.