Bespoke Management Fees

At Hassium we pride ourselves on serving our clients with highly personalised, bespoke discretionary portfolios as well as independent investment consulting.  

Our fees for bespoke discretionary portfolio management range from 0.25% - 1.0 %.

Fees for consulting services range from 0.05% - 0.10%.  

To avoid any conflict of interest, Hassium can either act as a discretionary manager or as an investment consultant to a client - but not both.  

Our primary objective is to safeguard the assets of our clients.   We know that lower overall costs in a portfolio can improve the long-term performance for our clients, therefore we favour lower-cost securities like ETFs, individual equities and bonds rather than using more expensive funds.

Being independent ensures that we are not tied to any in-house funds or fund-of-fund investments.  Additionally, we often negotiate custodial services on behalf of our clients and pass on all savings from our institutional pricing arrangements to them.