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Insight and Analysis on the latest global trends by Hassium’s team of financial investment experts

On a regular basis we independently produce research articles relating to popular investment topics, these pieces can range from considering the future implications of a political election to an outlook for an individual stocks performance. Everything is researched and produced internally as to ensure the delivery of unbiased, relevant and valuable information to you.

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Hassium UK General Election Outlook


The outcome of the UK election is far from certain. We believe that - failing an outright Conservative majority - a Conservative-led coalition will form the next UK government and that this will be market positive. The formation of an alternative coalition will lead to uncertainty and volatility weighing heavily on market confidence and sentiment short term.

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Hassium Summary - European Parliament Elections 2014


There are less than 100 days to go until the next European Parliament (EP) elections begin with polling scheduled to run from 22nd to 25th May 2014. Voters will decide who claims the 751 MEP seats and determine the level of political and economic integration within the European Union (EU) for the next five years. In January 2014, sentiment indicators showed an improvement in the EU. However, public approval of current EU leadership is fragile. The residual impact of the European crisis and the austerity imposed by those in power in the aftermath is expected to have a significant influence at the polls.

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