Risk Management

risk assessment across currency markets

The two primary risks our clients are exposed to are market risk and operational risk.

Market Risk

The Hassium Markets and Investing team reviews the market on a daily basis and has a formal weekly meeting. Hassium has set up an advisory panel that discuss the markets on an ongoing basis and has a quarterly conference call to discuss significant macroeconomic influences and general portfolio positioning. With our wealth preservation focus Hassium aims to protect each portfolio whatever the market environment.

Operational Risk

The main risk for a client is an operational error, whether it be in trade execution or administration. There are three people involved in the trading process; one Partner to sign off prior to the trade being executed, one person who executes the trade and one person who administers the trade into the client account to reconcile it. The securities and cash accounts for every client are checked on a daily basis to make sure nothing untoward is reported and every transaction is independently logged and reconciled back to the custodian’s log on a monthly basis. Reporting/administration are checked on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.